Kadayawan sa Dabaw

Davao City | August 17 – 23

2015 will be a big event as it will mark the 30th Kadayawan Celebration. Started as a tribal festival in the 1970s, Kadayawan showcases the indigenous peoples’ rituals of celebration after a bountiful harvest. The once called “Apo Duwaling” celebration of the country’s highest peak, Mt. Apo; durian, the spiky pungent fruit that tastes like heaven; and “waling-waling” the queen of all Philippine orchids became Kadayawan sa Dabaw.

kadayawan1Today, Kadayawan has transformed into a festival of festivals, with a number of spin-off festivals in the region. There’s a burst of color everywhere across the city of Davao. The city comes alive with spectacular floats of fresh flowers and bountiful fruit harvests displayed along the sidewalks including durian, lanzones, mangosteen, rambutan and marang; and the indak-indak sa kadalanan or street dancing in colorful costumes. The festivities are highlighted with floral floats, street-dancing competitions and exhibits that showcase the island’s tourism products and services.

It is, no doubt, a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. It also showcases the multicolored mix of Davao and Mindanao’s indigenous communities as well as migrant settlers, whose identities make up the rich cultural heritage of this island.

Mark your calendar for the most anticipated and the biggest celebration ever – the 30th Kadayawan Celebration is scheduled to open on August 17 and culminates on August 23, 2015. The festival will coincide with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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