Bonok Bonok Maradjao Karadjao Festival

Surigao City | 9th of September

A day-long festival highlighting the annual city fiesta celebration. The main feature is the Bonok-bonok, an ethnic Mamanua (IPES) dance performed by the natives during thanks giving, worship and wedding ceremonies.

bonokbonok1The introduction to the celebration of the Maradjao-Karajao Festival is the Bulawanon Barangay “Bulawanon” means beautification. Before the Bonok-bonok festivity held, preliminary contest between the 22 barangays of Surigao City and 9 coastal barangays is ongoing to highlight the month-long festivity that livens up to the household of each respective family of Surigao City.

Other activities are street dancing participated by different private government groups using creative costumes, huge floats and entertaining chanting “Viva Señor San Nicolas! Viva Maradjao Karajao!”.

Tourism potential aside, Surigao is more importantly home to one of the country’s most colorful tribes, the Mamanwas. Known for their creative patterns, brass jewelry and indigenous crafts, the Mamanwas fill the streets dancing during the Bonok Bonok Maradjao Karadjao festival on September 9. Celebrated on the occasion of the feast of San Nicolas de Tolentino, the Bonok Bonok shows the natives’ gratitude to their animistic gods for a bountiful harvest and good health.

A collection of antique archaeological diggings like burial coffins jars and antique Chinese kitchen wares discovered in Panhutungan, Placer is on public display at the Surigaonon Heritage Mini-Museum situated at the Boulevard in Surigao City.

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